For Sale the
Black Pig


Key Details

  • Winner Viscount

    Winner Viscount thought to be manufactured in 1973. This inboard day cruiser has a fibreglass hull, is 21ft long and 92 in wide at the widest point.

  • Engine

    It is equipped with a Volvo Penta BB170B (AQ170) inline 6 cylinder engine developing 170HP. Serviced every year.

  • Out-drive

    The Volvo Penta BB170B is connected to a Volvo 280 Out-drive and can cruise comfortably at 13 knots and can reach 22 knots if you need to.

  • Mooring

    The boat is currently moored at Lowestoft marina and is used on a regular basis for fishing trips. The mooring should be available if required.

Further Details

Although quite an old boat it is in great condition for it's age especially where it counts in the hull, engine and out-drive.
It is moored at Lowestoft Marina and from there it goes on regular fishing trips off the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.
The boat comes with twin 80amp batteries charged by the engine with selection switch plus additional solar panel trickle charger. No problem leaving it in water for long periods as the auto bilge pump and fully charged batteries means you're always ready for sea when you arrive at the boat.
Most of the wiring was replaced in 2013 when we did a major overhaul of the boat and replaced with Marine grade wire.
The boat has 5 rod holders and can fish 4 people though it can be a bit manic when all 4 are into the mackerel. Although it is moored in Lowestoft it is regularly taken on holiday and as you can see from some of the photographs had been to Weymouth, Dartmouth, Brixham and Newquay (Wales) in the last few years.

  • Boat

    The Black Pig still has it's original gel-coat and was anti-fouled in 2013. The cuddy has had the linings removed from the roof and looks a bit of a mess but all wooden parts of the deck inside were replaced in 2013. The deck itself is a bit scruffy and could do with some TLC.

  • Engine

    The Volvo Penta BB 170B engines was fitted about 5 years ago and was taken from a Broads based boat so has had fresh water going through it for most of it's life. It is regularly serviced by a Volvo technician and remains a trusty work horse.

  • Out-drive

    The Volvo Penta 280 out-drive has been serviced on a regular basis and had new bellows and seals installed in 2013 The propeller is only 2 years old and in excellent condition.

  • Accessories

    Boat Comes complete with the following:
    3 adult and 2 child life jackets.
    6 side and one bow fender.
    2 forward facing spotlights.
    1 Deck spotlight.
    1 Neptune 100 VHF DSC Radio.
    1 Binini Cover.

    1 bruce plough anchor/chain/rope.